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Lough Erne

A guide to Upper and Lower Lough Erne and all the amenities, restaurants, watersports, boat hire and activities along the river

Welcome to lough-erne.com, the complete guide to Lough Erne in Northern Ireland. In time, we will include bars/restaurants, waterside activities, boat hire, heritage sites, history and other interesting sites.
Lough Erne is one of the most spectacular tourist destinations in Europe and offers unspoilt cruising waters with large areas of lake and river and few boats. Unlike parts of mainland Europe, there is no commercial traffic to avoid - just you, your boat and nature.
Lough Erne is a nature-lovers paradise with abundant wildlife.
Lough Erne is an anglers paradise with excellent coarse fishing and some game fishing - and as you will be on a cruiser, you go where the fish take you.
Lough Erne is an historian's paradise with heritage featuring strongly in our holidays. There are excellent ruins going back to the 6th Century and the picture (left) shows the amazing 12th Century settlement on Devenish Island - but again, as you are on your cruiser, access is free and easy.
Lough Erne can be a waterskier's paradise (unfortunately you have to provide the skiboat) as there are numerous bays and inlets where you will find shelter and calm conditions. There are slipways all over the lake so that you can launch and recover your boat.
Lough Erne is a gourmet's delight with many pubs and restaurants along the route. Sample the formal dining at Manor House on Lower Lough Erne or head for Enniskillen and call into Franco's for a casual, but excellent, meal.
Lough Erne has peace and tranquility. Head for Upper Lough Erne and moor up on Naan Island in the middle of nowhere. You could be the only boat here and it is so quiet and so dark, it is quite eerie.
Lough Erne is the place for the perfect holiday and it is easy to get to from both Belfast and Dublin Airports or from Ferry Terminals.
Come to Lough Erne for your holidays.
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